Monday, August 30, 2010

 There are 33 Chilean miners trapped underground, we have video showing them in relatively good spirits.Chilean officials organizing the rescue of the trapped miners say some of the miners may have to lose weight to fit through the rescue shaft being dug.Water and nutritional glucose gel lowered to the miners should keep them alive several weeks, but it is likely they will emerge malnourished, with weaker bones and atrophied intestines

Family Inspiration
Relatives hugged, kissed and thanked God as news of the message reverberated outside the entrance to the mine, where they have camped out since the mine caved in on August 5.Sitting alone on a hill above the mine where his brother, Juan, is buried alive, Oscar Illanes, 51, quietly fidgets with pebbles in his right hand and contemplates how his personal tragedy has also become that of his countrymen.

The family of one of 33 miners trapped in a Chilean mine following a collapse early this month announced Thursday it will sue the owners of the shaft and government inspectors.
The claim accuses them of negligently allowing the mine to be reopened in 2008 after being closed the previous year, the lawyer representing the family, Remberto Valdes, told reporters.Located last Sunday alive and well in an shelter, preparations were being made to save the 33 men by digging an escape shaft to them a process that could take four months to complete.